Psychometric tests, commonly known as personality tests, measure a person's knowledge, abilities, attitudes and traits. All our psychometric tests and results can be delivered online or alternatively, posted to your address.



Career Preference Tests Are you at a career crossroads or just feeling unfulfilled in your work and dreaming of a better life? Are you a student or maybe a graduate and unsure of your career choice? Or maybe you are planning your first career step and not sure which way to turn. Discover your ideal careers and the work environments you need that are perfectly matched to suit your personality.

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Personality Evaluations - Understand how you typically think, feel and interact with others by learning about your personal preferences, interpersonal style, thinking styles, problem solving styles and emotional coping styles. For recruitment purposes, personal discovery and development, enhancing communication, improving relationships and excellent as a team building tool.


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Values & Motives Measures Learn about your personal values and motivations which influence your behaviour. Understanding your values and motivations can help clarify why you behave how you do in relationships with others, how work satisfaction is achieved, understand personal beliefs, attitudes, and problem solving preferences.  


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Learning Styles Measures Discover how you most and least prefer to learn new skills and materials enabling you to maximise your learning potential and the effectiveness of your learning experience.  


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